Advice On Electrical Safety By A Brampton House Inspector

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A Brampton House Inspector gives some recommendations on electrical safety- Electricity is lied a double edged sword – playing a major role at home (cooking, cleaning, watching Netflix?) but can also pose real risks that’s why our registered home inspectors at Inspect My House provide cautious warning to every head of household to not take this matter lightly.
We’ll discuss tips to help keep your homes safe at all times.

Our Brampton House Inspector Approves This Safety Tips

Take note of the following things when checking safety:

  1. Electrical appliances – Proper maintenance should be well-rounded and include proper storage (not enclosed in a cabinet so it has room to breathe) and usage (no insertion of metals while it’s plugged, or check for worn insulations).
  2.  Water and electricity – Your body is made up of 55 to 60 percent water making us good conductors. Your Brampton house inspector best advices that you avoid using any electrical appliance near bathrooms or anything near water sources at home!new home inspection toronto
  3.  Pets and pests – Your pets may run over cords, make sure they’re not reachable even by small ones. As for pests such as rodents, they MAY chew on your cords and wiring. Once suspected, take all measures to get rid of them as soon as you can.
  4.  Children – They are always playful by nature so best course of action is to help them avoid hazards. Put tamper resistant receptacles at home, safety plugs and face plates are also recommended and remind them that large appliances are not play things.
  5. Hazards outside – Be aware of where underground and overhead power lines are located and NEVER plant anything, anywhere near them. Climbing power transmission lines is a no-no and when animals are trapped in trees near electric lines, call the utility company and don’t take the chance of being electrocuted.

Follow these guidelines and make sure you only hire an InterNACHI affiliated home inspector so your needs are fulfilled according to standard practices.

A Brampton House Inspector Checklist For Electrical Safety

Damages incurred by faulty electrical wirings have been detected at $1.5 billion from 2007 to 2011. It resulted to fires that brought about casualties by the thousands so what exactly do your registered house inspector checks whenever they are around?

  •  Extension cords – avoid overloading them and make sure they don’t run under carpets if you have those and even across doorways to avoid tripping and further damage to sockets. Always repair or replace any damaged cords right away.home inspection companies ontario
  •  Heaters – Keep combustible materials (curtains and clothes) away and don’t let children play near it.
  •  Electrical tools – As these tools are always in use, make sure that you always check them for wear and tear. Replace them even at the slightest causes of electric shocks or sparks.
  •  Outlets – Overloading is an issue and if they feel warm or blowing fuses, IMMEDIATELY call an electrician. Your certified Brampton House Inspector can phone you a registered electrician in no time!
  • GFCI and AFCI – AFCIs are needed in outlets while GFCI should be present around the kitchen, outdoors and laundry. If you have a basement, include that area too.
    A licensed Brampton House Inspector can help you routinely check any malfunctions or potential hazards at your home. Some types of residential inspections include trench, service, rough-in, and a final inspection after any installations. Some inspectors work closely with certified electricians to perform this.

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Navid Aghili, a visionary P. Eng., and professional house inspector, certified by InterNACHI, he has worked his way into many a home within Toronto and the GTA and wishes to extend his trusted services to more residential homes regardless of type (from condo to townhouse). He leads a group of other similarly talented, experienced and certified only inspectors to complete his Inspecting Dream Team. His InterNACHI membership number: #NACHI15041619.