Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

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Why even care for gutter cleaning if the gutters are just mere water draining tools? Well, all the more need to do some afterthought, cleanup and regularly scheduled maintenance checkups. More so if you have basements and wet spaces since dripping or downspouts can happen for damaged guttering systems proving costly for crawl spaces too.
As gutter problems are critical risks, you can either do gutter cleaning yourself or have us as a professional Toronto home inspector to check it so we won’t miss any detail. Our home inspectors at Inspect My House can provide you the right connections at optimum gutter cleaning prices. Here’s a quick primer on gutter cleaning:

Maintenance Checkups a Must for Gutter Cleaning

House inspection for prevention is better than any ounce of cure or repair. Check if there are still standing water after flushing, check for downspout areas, holes, leakage, and slope arrangement. Support rain gutter hangers and other components should be maintained and checked twice a year due to changing seasons, especially if you have overhanging trees around.
Ignoring it will only be for the worse because even if it does not leak nor overflow with water after snow thins, debris will still be evident months after.

Various insects such as uninvited mosquitoes can find the place ideal for breeding so cleanup is a complete must. If you’re budget conscious, you can do cleanup your gutter after several years but only if you do an entire cleaning and weather proofing from flushing and caulking to damage repairing every once in a while. What’s important is that you check it regularly so if it needs immediate attention, you can easily identify what type of tasks need to be accomplished right away.

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Gutter Cleaning Steps (DIY)

If you choose DIY, make sure you’re familiar with the different portions and parts of the gutter from the fascia board to mesh screens (if there’s any available) also find some information about gutter cleaning equipment. Here we have some gutter cleaning tips. You’ll know from there how to best apply any cleaning method we’ll discuss.

Scooping left debris – much easier said than done. If you have a large house, your guttering system can be quite a stretch too. Make sure you’re prepared with a leftover tray to spare your lawn from anything harmful and toxic plus an adjustable ladder so you can move as you please. Use gloves and scooper for more efficiency of gutter cleaning .
Fascia board inspection – check for signs of molds since most boards are made of wood, tighten any loose screws and ensure that gutter still holds securely into the board. Otherwise, replace it.
Flush downspouts – Be extra cautious when doing this as you need to hose it down directly. Anchor your ladder directly into the downspouts for better flushing. Water pressure is important when dealing with this portion of gutter cleaning .

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Flush out gutters – Once downspouts are cleaned up, water can now freely go through once you’re ready to flush the debris-free gutters. This can be done either when you’re below the ground and just shooting upward or up a ladder to really check if water is flowing properly. Seeing it below is also ideal to check if there would be any leaking while you hose it down.
Remember, gutter cleaning is an important thing to preserve your roof, siding and home foundation. One such small portion could mean so much so better resolve any issues before they become a headache someday.

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