Plumbing Check by a House Inspector Before Trading a Home


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You think it’s easy to ignore a house inspector plumbing check whenever you intend to sell any property? Well think again. Plumbing systems are very much ingrained in various areas of the house that ignoring it is physically impossible. Prior to hiring a inspector to do the checking for you what house inspection checklist do you need to know?

Plumbing Check by a House Inspector

The definite reason why any DIY projects when inspecting plumbing is not advisable is that you are not trained to locate problems that aren’t obvious but a certified home inspector in Toronto is. Here are some problems they could run into:

  •  Leakage – probably very obvious but if this happens in neglected areas such as crawl spaces, it becomes unavailable for checking on your own devices. Some typical signs of water leakage a house inspector checks are mildews, fungus, rotting woods, molds and dark circular stains in hard to reach areas such as ceiling and under the floor.
  •  Piping – this will surely be a job that you should let your inspector to do. House inspection includes check for rust buildup, any broken lines, blockage and even the correct types of pipes meant for household utilization. Home inspection in Toronto also includes checking of external reasons such as corrosion, shifting soil and tree roots.

Areas A House Inspector Checks

A Toronto home inspector usually checks plumbing systems in kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, basements (if available), crawl space and outdoors if you have gardens and backyards.

  •  Kitchen Inspection – apart from the bathroom, this area is probably the busiest user of most plumbing and pipeline systems at home so checking for any leaks in any of the faucets and pipelines running here can be pretty easy as you use it daily. Unnoticed areas you must check include under the sink. Fill up the sink and let it drain; if the area underneath it remains dry, then there’s no leaking.

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  •  Inspecting Bathroom – as most problems happen here, your main focus should always be in the toilet and your should inspect your bathroom inch by inch. Simple flushing can do the trick of seeing if there’s actual leaking or not. Water lines should be cool but never wet. If you have sinks and bathtubs, check for leaking in the same manner as the kitchen but for tubs, the ceiling underneath should be the one checked by a house inspector .
  •  Outdoors – one thing to check are pipelines that you use to service any activities you do outside like gardening. Outdoor hose bibs usually leak so check if there’s no dripping.
  •  Laundry area – since you may have your washer in here, a house inspector makes sure that valves supplying water to those machines don’t leak or you risk yourself being electrocuted somewhere along the line.
  • new home inspection in TorontoBasement/crawl space – leaking is easier to spot in unfinished basements because water lines are still exposed above but for finished ones, water stains in the ceiling is your clue. House inspector checks that your sump pump and basement drain are still properly working.

House Inspector Cost in Toronto and the GTA

Home Inspection may cost quite a bit but it’s nothing you won’t be able to afford. Besides, for the peace of mind Inspect My House in Toronto can provide, rest assured payment will be non-issue afterwards.

We offer free phone consultation to residents of Toronto, Markham, Thornhill, New Market, Richmond Hill, Vaughan , Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton and all the GTA. Reach out to us at (647) 861-4499 or fill the contact form and consult with a Toronto house inspector you can trust.

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Navid Aghili, a visionary P. Eng., and professional house inspector, certified by InterNACHI, he has worked his way into many a home within Toronto and the GTA and wishes to extend his trusted services to more residential homes regardless of type (from condo to townhouse). He leads a group of other similarly talented, experienced and certified only inspectors to complete his Inspecting Dream Team. His InterNACHI membership number: #NACHI15041619.